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Summer Hand-bag Essentials and what I carry in my bag

We carry our entire world in our hand-bag. I can’t go out without carrying a medium size handbag from my college days. Today I am going to share with you ladies what I carry in my bag for the summer season.DSCN2192-001

As you can see in the above picture, I carry a lot of thing in my bag. But these all are really essential for this hot summer time. I will talk about the items which I carry in regular basis and why. So let’s begin-

  • Sunscreen:1st of all, Sunscreen is absolutely the most important item in your handbag.  This is not only for summer; you need to carry throughout the year. You can always choose your finish – matte, dewy or tinted. Sunscreens should have the following – High SPF protection, both UVA and UVB blockage and a wide PA+++ coverage. Also, remember to reapply your sunscreen every 3-4 hours for getting that maximum protection. I use Lotus Herbals Matte Gel with SPF 50 in it. DSCN2213It has all the entire above factors and it gives a soothing effect also. I apply it at least 20 minutes before going to my office.
  • Moisturizer:We need to moisturize our skin even in this summer. You can choose your favorite moisturizer depending on your skin type- Oil base, Water base or Gel base. I have very oily skin. I use Lotus herbal Alphamoist. DSCN2205It’s totally oil free and gives me a calm and refreshing feeling after application. You don’t even need any compact powder. But I use some on my T-zone area for extra coverage.
  • Body spray:It’s a must have for summer. We all get sweaty and yucky in summers and only a perfume can save us from that disgusting body odour. Normally I like to use Gents Body spray in summer for those long lasting and a bit strong fragrances. 😛  But currently I am using Spinz Black magic.DSCN2216
  • Sunglasses:I never leave the house without carrying a sunglass with me. I use it throughout the year-summer as well as winter.It helps to protect your eyes from harmful UV ray and yet stylish.DSCN2221
  • Lip balm: Summer can also take moisture from your lips like winter. Always use a lip balm for this. I use Maybelline Baby Lips and I am using the shade Berry Sherbet at the moment.DSCN2229

    I use it daily basis and also when I apply matte lipstick. It is really essential for me to hide dry patches.

  • Lipstick:Though I know summer is for bright colour but I personally love nude lipstick for my office wear. So I always carry 2 of the lipstick shade. One is light colour and another bright one..

    The bright one is for any sudden outing plan. My current favorites are the L’OREAL Paris Colour Riche in the shade Toasted ALMOND (843) and FACES velvet matte lipstick in the shade PROOF(03).

  • Compact:In the summer, you can definitely ditch the makeup items, but a matte powder must stay! As I have very oily skin I always carry I compact. I am currently using Maybelline White Superfresh Compact powder in the shade SHELL.
  • Face wipes:These provide a quick and easy way to refresh yourself. I am not a huge fan of face wipes, I prefer to wash my face completely with lots of water! But sometimes I need it to blot my face with it when I put some makeup on.DSCN2259
  • Face wash:I had to wash my face after reaching office to remove all the dirt and oil which I gather at my way. I always use the CLEAN & CLEAR Foaming face wash. DSCN2265As you can see, the condition of the bottle is pretty much bad, this is because I always buy a big bottle and pour it into this small one to carry.  No other face wash can replace it for me 🙂
  • Mini water bottle:DSCN2262It is absolutely essential to stay hydrated in the summer, which is where a reusable water bottle comes in. In the dead heat, you will lose water much faster than normal. So take water at least 4-5 Litre daily.DSCN2268
  • Homeopathy Medicine:Some time for extreme work pressure I experience headache. The tablet is for this purpose only. It’s a homeopathy tablet so no side effect issue. And I don’t like to have allopathic tablets. Yuck!
  • Comb:As I don’t get the time to dry my hair completely before going to office, I need to comb my hair after reaching there. I just comb the front part of my hair before going out, make a bun and I’m good to go. After reaching office my hair become 99% dry. Then I comb it properly. I don’t use hair dryer regularly because I don’t get the time to do that.
  • Kajal: I love to use Maybelline Colossal Kajal but from the last week I am using this L’Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner. DSCN2280It’s super intense and water and smudge proof. 🙂 It stays on my eyes all day long.
  • Extra pair of glasses:I always carry an extra pair of glasses. I have negative power- left eye -1.0, right eye -0.5. So if anytime I forgot to wear my glasses mainly when I am in front of computer it strains my eyes.DSCN2275
  • A scarf:I always keep a scarf handy, if I need to cover my face and hair from extreme heat.
  • Wallet:And yes of course, everybody have a wallet inside their hand bag.DSCN2270

Apart from that I also carry some usual things like earphone, mobile charger, extra hanky, Hair clips, Rubber bands, Safety pins, band aids, of course some cash, My debit card, One ID proof, pen, an umbrella and a sanitary napkin for emergency purpose.

What’s your must-have purse item, please do mention in the comments below 😀

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