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Easy Nail Art at Home

Hello everyone,
I am going to write my first post and in this post I will talk about some very easy but elegant nail art which I did by myself.
I don’t have any acrylic nail paints which are generally used by the professionals; I only use my regular nail polish for my nail art. I will suggest not to use any cheap drugstore nail polish because it will not last longer.  But if you already have them, one thing you can do, use a good branded topcoat and base-coat, it will also help your nail polish to stay longer on your nails.
I use nail polish from Avon, Lotus herbals, Revlon, Maybelline, Lakme and Elle18. I mostly like the Lotus Herbal and the Avon. They have a very good staying power.  I have three Maybelline nail polish of Glitter Mania range. They are also amazing. I mainly use them for highlighting the nail art.
Here I am sharing some of my nail art that I have done in past couple of months:
  1. Angled French nail art:- French manicure has been popular in nail art fashion industry for a long time.  This is the most common and easy nail art technique. Here I did the angled tip. I added some dot here for extra dimension.finalCollages3
  2. Easy Glitter Gradient  Nail art:-  I used a clear polish at first and after drying I used a silver glitter polish on the tip. You will not see any clear line between them because I smudge a bit with the paint brush for gradient effect.final2
  3. V-shaped French tip:- Here you have to make a inverted v shaped french tip.Collages4
  4. Stripe and dot nail art:- This one just a mix n match of the stripes and dots as you can see in the picture and little heart on the thumb nail . 🙂
All of the nail polish you can buy from online as well as from local stores. They are easily available.
So that’s all for today. Comment below if you like my post and also tell me what should I improve, i will definitely try to do that . 🙂
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